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fishing money

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1 fishing money on Fri May 27, 2011 12:28 am

Each time you get higher level ur able to get more money !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sardines sell for about 17 coins each if raw, and around 9 coins when cooked. These can be fished from the Catherby shore, the southern shore of Al-Kharid, and Draynor Village.
1***** level 10 Herring sells for about 32 coins each if raw, and around coins when cooked. However while fishing these sardines are also caught, worth half as much. These are fished in the same spots as sardines.
2***** Level 18 Catch anchovies in the same spot as herring and sardine with a small net. Anchovies sell for about 5 coins each, while the cooked versions sell for 12 coins each. Shrimp is adviseably dropped being worth much less than anchovies.
2***** Level 35 Tuna can be caught at level 35 fishing in either Catherby or the Fishing Guild. . They sell for 55 when cooked, and 62 when raw. Also the higher your agility the more chance you have of catching two Tuna at a time.
3***** Level 38 At this level, cave eel are caught in the same spots as slimy eel. Raw cave eels sell for 406 coins each. for every 3000 bait used, profits are 1mil-1.3mil
2***** Level 40 Fishing lobsters is a popular way to make money for both free-to-play members and lower level pay-to-play members. There are two popular places to catch them; Karamja or Catherby. Caught at Karamja, bank is quick in TzHaar city, or they can be put into note form at Stiles. Other options include fishing in Catherby, Catherby bank is close. One other place is Jatizso. You need to start The Fremennik Isles quest but it is really close to a bank and is most of the time unpopulated.

Level 50 At this level Swordfish may be caught and sold for 148 when cooked and 180 when raw. Tuna, however, is caught with them. Locations include Catherby, Fishing Guild, musa point, or Jatizso(completion of The Fremennik Trials required) Also the higher your agility the more chance you have of catching two swordfish at a time.
60k/hr-90k/hr Level 62 Monkfish are found at the Piscatoris Fishing Colony. They tend to be caught faster than sharks, even at high levels, and sell for around 275 coins each when raw, and about 210 coins when cooked. In an hour, 250-320 monkfish are caught, depending on Fishing level. (good to level to 99 with) Swan Song completed
3***** Level 65 At this level Raw karambwan may be fished, which are worth 1,808 coins each. Keep in mind that the Karambwan will sometimes steal the bait from the vessel. If this happens often, it lowers profit. Tai Bwo Wannai Trio completed
4***** Level 76 At this level sharks may be fished. Sharks are caught fairly slowly even at high levels, so it is advisable not to fish them with a fishing level lower than about 80. Raw sharks sell for around 383 coins each, and cooked sharks fetch for about 415 coins each. At 95+ Fishing 1,000 sharks are caught in 7 hours or less; on average, only about 150 sharks can be caught in an hour, even with 99 fishing. It is still arguable that this is the best conventional method of making money by fishing except possibly Rocktail fishing. Also the higher your agility the more chance you have of catching two sharks at a time. 80 Cooking (optional)
4***** Level 81+ The Fishing Trawler activity provides Manta rays and/or sea turtles from level 81 if the boat lasts 10 minutes without sinking. Unlike other fish, cooked sea turtles and manta rays fetch higher prices than their raw counterparts. Cooked manta rays can sell for about 2,732 coins each while cooked sea turtles sell for 2,162 coins. If the boat does not sink, normally approximately 20 manta rays are acquired, leading to 50,000 coins every 10 minutes. This is only if the player is with a good team, the boat not sinking. 91 cooking (optional)

Level 85 The Living Rock Caverns is an area in the dwarven mines where high level fishers and miners can train their skills. At level 85, you are able to catch a new type of fish - Cavefish. To catch this fish, you will need normal fishing bait and good armour to defend yourself from aggressive high-level rock creatures. A raw cavefish has a market price of 486 gold pieces and a cooked cavefish sells for 475 gold pieces. You can gain 30,000-35,000 experience per hour fishing Cavefish and 60,000-70,000 cash, making more of a profit than sharks, though not bought as frequently. 88 Cooking (optional)

Level 90+ Just like Cavefish, you can catch another high levelled fish in the Living Rock Caverns - Rocktail. To catch this fish, you will need some bait called Living Minerals. The market price of living minerals is 386 coins. Again, you will need some good armour to defend yourself from the aggressive living rock creatures. The market price for raw rocktail is 2,194 coins and the price for cooked rocktail is 2,262 coins. This is much faster experience per hour than lobsters and monkfish, reaching to 60,000 xp/h maximum. You are able to make over 140,000 coins per hour using this method.

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2 Re: fishing money on Fri May 27, 2011 12:44 am


copy + paste?

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3 Re: fishing money on Fri May 27, 2011 12:45 am

yep ik im just putting it up there 4 pple to know

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