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Forum Ranks

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1 Forum Ranks on Wed Jun 15, 2011 2:50 am



There are many Ranks here at Rstradezone. This guide will let you know what each one is and involves;


The Administrators of Rstradezone the mechanics and sheriffs of Rstradezone. They are in charge of everything that happens at Rstradezone. From simple thread moderation to coding new addons for the site, they have a hand in it all. Members are very unlikely to be promoted to this rank, however for some it may be possible

Global Moderators

The Global Moderators are the security guards of Rstradezone. They ensure members are abiding by the rules laid out, they are also here to help members with any problems they may be having. Promotion to this position requires dedication, hard work and proven commitment to Rstradezone.

Sectional Moderators

Sectional Moderators are members who have a strong passion for a certain section of the forum. They have the knowledge and experience necessary to moderate that section. Promotion to this position requires the same traits as the Global Moderators require.

Guide Writers

Guide Writers are members who have created guides to benefit the Rstradezone community. They must have completed the requirements to be eligible for this position.

GFX Designer

GFX Designers are members who have created GFX to benefit the community. Whether that is creating Signatures for members or creating GFX to be used by Rstradezone. They must have completed the requirements to be eligible for this position.



The Executive Rank benefits include;

• All of the Subscriber benefits
• Inbox limit increased to 2000
• Ability to advertise in your Signature
• Help support the RuneForum community
• Plus much more!

All this for 20M/$15for LIFE!


The Subscriber Rank benefits include;

• Inbox limit increased to 150
• Ability to use animated Signatures & Avatars
• Ability to use HTML in your signatures
• Help support the RuneForum community

All this for only 3M/$2/2Months

Payments are to be made in RSGP or using Paypal

To buy any of the above ranks. Please PM Anthony

Yea I'm too beast for you Razz
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