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Tip:scammers and scamming

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1 Tip:scammers and scamming on Fri May 27, 2011 12:16 am

This is a tip not to make ur character lose money. If someone shows u a lot of money and tells u they will double ur money dont fall for it. Even though people are rich doesnt mean they arent greedy. The only way someone should double ur money is in 1 trade. BTW dont ever fall for the trust game they might be being legit at the begining but when every1 stops bidding they take your money, I learned the hard way. O yea and also there is no duplicating glitch they tell you to accept the first panel and they wont accept then they tell you to tap W in "wealth Transfer" so they will hurry and tap accept then u accidently click accept and there goes ur money

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