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How to post picture for accounts that you are selling

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Shadow Lord

Hey i have been watching for a while and i hae realised tht harldy any1 posts correct pictures so this is my guide to post pictures and what pictures you need to sell an account.

If you are a selling any account these pictures are needed to validate your post.

You need
A picture of your login screen the one before you click playnow
A picture of you skills
A picture of your combat lvl
Note: to ensure the security of your account always color ur username when it can be seen in a picture. Cover your ip address on the login page. Cover the last digit of your total lvl in skills and colour 2 skills so it cant be seen.
For more information pm me, other moderators and admins.

How to post a picture in ur topic.

Step 1. Open up new toic page.
Step 2. Select insert image o the thin line between the title and main post. It looks like this
Step 3: it should look like this:

Upload your image

File ( choose image)
Resize imageĀ 
Host image
Step 4. Click file browse for your image click on it. DONT RESIZE YOUR PICTURE.
Step 5. Click host image
Step 6. It will now show 3 different urls select the url IN THE MIDDLE.
Step 7. Copy the middle url and paste in post click enter then add ur next image

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Helpful, thanks.

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Shadow Lord

No problem i am glad to help you

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